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Our goal at oneChurch is to grow Christ followers who make a difference in our community. There are three main groups of people we serve; our oneChurch family, those in our community, and the world. We serve the world by going on mission, starting churches, and looking for where God is working and joining Him whether it be relief to a hurting “Developing” country or Disaster Relief. We serve our community through a myriad of events that are focused around children and Gatlin Park. We host several free, fun, and spiritually directed events at Gatlin Park each year. Lastly, we serve our church family. The largest part of this is seen on Sunday mornings in the way we care for our children and youth and are led in worship. But it is much bigger than just that.

As you consider how you might best use your time and gifts to serve God through oneChurch; here are a few questions:

1. Am I a growing and committed Christ follower?
2. What are my spiritual gifts?
3. How much time realistically is God calling me to give?

Here is a short list of serving opportunities that will give you an idea of what it means to serve through oneChurch and the investment on your part.


Our World

Mission trips are normally 7 to 10 days in length. The purpose is always to share the Gospel and point people towards a local church. But the physical objectives vary according to trip and place. Trips inside the US usually cost less than $500 per person. Trips to near by countries are in the $1,600 – $2,000 range. And trips to far away countries run in the $3,500 – $4,000 range. The greatest investments on your part are the training times before the trip, the expenses, and the connections your heart makes.

Our Community

Between March and October our goal is to be in Gatlin Park doing some sort of free and fun event for the community each month. Some of these events are small, like Movie Night where less than 10 people can serve. A few of the events are huge, all hands on deck kind of events like City in the Dark where we October 31 as a time to reach and serve about 3,000 people by hosting a night of candy and games. Most of these events require you to give a few hours during the week leading up to the event or just a few hours during the day of the event. While your investment can be minimal or great, the impact is always huge!

Our oneChurch Family

There is always a way you can participate in serving our church family. Whether loving on children in Club ONEKIDS or greeting people as they arrive on Sundays. Here is a list of who you can contact for different service areas inside oneChurch family.


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