Seminar Simulcast
January 15 – 16

What are the foundational differences between Christianity and Islam?  Which is the real Word Of God? The Bible or the Qur’an?  Do you know what it costs a Muslim to consider Christ?

In the United States today, as in all Western countries, there are growing Muslim communities. Increasingly many of us have Muslim neighbors and coworkers. Moreover, radical Islam is on the move around the globe in ways we were woken up to on 9/11, and are constantly reminded of in global news stories. These developments provide the church with many evangelistic, apologetic, social and political challenges. We hope you will join us on Friday and Saturday (January 15-16) in recognizing and seeking to respond to these challenges biblically.

If you have questions about this event, please contact Ben Holmes (501.499.2105)

If you plan to attend, please email Paul: paul@onechurchconway.com.




6:00pm – Introductory Remarks

6:10pm – Bible Study/Intro
  •  Dr. Stuart McAllister
A call to move past understanding.

6:40pm – What is the best religion?  •  Dr. Nabeel Qureshi
What is the Muslim concept of Islam and how do they view themselves?

7:10pm – Q & A: Understanding, Answering, and Sharing  •  Dr. Richard Shumack (Host)
How do you share your belief in Jesus with your Muslim friend?

8:00pm – End of Session


8:00am – Introductory Remarks

8:05am – What do Muslims believe about Jesus?  •  Dr. Jay Smith
Muhammad and Jesus are respected and revered in Islam-what are their differences?

8:55am – Break and Transition

9:15am – Islam and Power  •  Dr. Daniel Janosik
Islamist and Jihadist ideas of power and how they relate to Christianity.

10:00am – Break and Transition

10:10am – God’s Presence  •  Dr. Sasan Tavassoli
Islam’s view of God’s presence and how to communicate the Holy Spirit with Muslims.

11:00am – Break for Lunch

12:15pm – What is God’s Law?  •  Dr. Abdu Murray
Does Sharia establish peace, justice, and reward? Does it share grace?

1:05pm – Break and Transition

1:15pm – Open Q & A  •  Dr. Richard Shumack

2:00pm – Break and Transition

2:15pm – Closing Challenge  •  Dr. Stuart McAllister

2:30pm – End of Conference

Understanding & Answering Islam

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