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Sunday Morning Schedule:

Worship:  10:00am

D-Group:  11:30am  (following the Worship Service)


The goal is spiritual formation into authentic Christ followers. Each message will be designed to help you in one of three ways:

1. To believe a principle or idea about God or God’s Word.
2. To identify a behavior associated to that principle or idea.
3. To become a person who embodies the character trait of that principle or idea.


D stands for Discipleship and Discussion. After the message, the church breaks into D-Groups of about 10-15 people that sit in circles and or around tables and discuss in a conversational setting the concepts of what they have just heard in the message. There is a D-Group leader who facilitates the discussion and people are not expected to share but welcome to do so.


Our desire is that praise to our God and King would be birthed out of a lifestyle of worship and not merely words we phonetically hum to drums and an electric guitar. We resolve that our music will be as creative and fresh as it is committed to honoring God. Our music will reflect the cultural tastes of the people we are seeking to reach. Putting a label on a worship style is simplistic and relative since every person carries their own definitions of words like “contemporary”, “innovative”, and “authentic.”

Some of our favorite music comes from Hillsong, Bethel Live, Elevation Worship and Jesus Culture.

Worship Service

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