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About our Vision

oneChurch exists to accomplish three purposes; to make Christ followers, to help meet people’s needs, and to change the world by starting churches and doing missions.

We define a Christ follower as someone who by faith has accepted the free gift of salvation through grace, who worships authentically, who seeks to know God through His Word; to know God’s character through life experience, and becomes like Christ in their attitudes and actions.

About our concept of Spiritual Formation

oneChurch subscribes to the idea that spiritual formation is the key to making disciples. Spiritual formation is a process of allowing God to conform and transform us into the likeness of Christ. Every teaching/preaching opportunity is designed to help you in one of three ways:

1. To believe a principle or idea about God or God’s Word.
2. To identify a behavior associated to that principle or idea.
3. To become a person who embodies the character trait of that principle or idea.

About what you can expect

– To be loved, given grace, and welcomed however you are.
– To see people in jeans and t-shirts or dress clothes. We dress casually and have a very laid back environment.
– The worship service to last a little longer than an hour.
– A nursery and children’s program for birth through four years old during the worship service.
– Your children birth to fourth grade to experience kid friendly D-groups with music and games.
– To use a Bible in the service but extras are available.
– For your children, birth through high school, to experience age-graded D-Groups.
– For the Bible to be used in service as our main source and guide.

About how we do church

oneChurch has four basic components; Worship, D-Group, Home Group, and Life Group.

Worship – Sunday morning corporate experience that is a little longer than an hour.

D-Group– Sunday morning experience with a small group of people (8-15) sitting in a circle that lasts a little less than an hour.

Home Group – As extensions of D-Groups, Home Group meets one evening during the week in someone’s home. They are not going year round and generally are offered in 3-week blocks.

Life Group – 2 or 3 people who meet for one hour a week to discuss scripture, answer character building questions, and to pray.

We expect that you will attend Worship and D-Group and hope that you will participate in a Home Group and Life Group.

Our desire is to create an environment where people can safely ask questions about God, get answers, and then work out their faith. Whether you are a committed follower of Jesus or someone who is exploring what this whole “church thing” is about, you are welcome here at oneChurch.

To learn more about our beliefs, visit the “What We Believe” section.

About Us

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