2016 marks the 7th year of oneChurch! Our pastor, Paul, has challenged us to do 7 big things in 2016.




Big-7-Faith-Story-webFaith Story

Challenge: That I would know and share my faith story.
In a culture where we share so much about ourselves; our favorites, our dislikes, our photos, our thoughts, our desires, and even our hurts; sometimes the greatest thing about us goes untold; our relationship with Jesus.  This challenge demands that I think succinctly through my commitment to Jesus Christ and put it into simple words so that I can share with others. Then not only can I share about my salvation experience but then also keep a record of what God has done recently and is doing now so that I can also share those realities.


Big-7-Gods-Word-webGod’s Word

Challenge: That I would regularly inhale God’s Word into my life.
Whether it is daily or weekly, that I would make concerted effort to spend quality time reading, understanding, praying, and assimilating God’s Word into my life in the way I love, care, make decisions, and set my moral boundaries.



Challenge: That I would be directly connected to at least one of the mission trips through oneChurch.
Be it giving, going, or praying; that I would know about the trip, the people going, and the people being served. And praying for God’s favor and blessing.


Big-7-Gatlin-Park-webGatlin Park

Challenge: That I would participate physically in at least one Gatlin Park event this year.
That my presence would offer help, encouragement, and service to the families in our ministry area. This might be in a single event like the Gatlin Park Easter Egg Hunt (March 26) or in a multiple day event like Gatlin Park Vacation Bible School (June 8-10)


Big-7-Financial-webFinancial Test

Challenge: That I would take up God’s financial challenge by giving 10% to my church family but giving God say over 100% of my finances.
As a Christ Follower under God’s grace and not the law, 10% is where I should start in giving but the truth is, everything I have comes from God and belongs to Him.


Big-7-Kindness-webIntentional Acts of Kindness.

Challenge: That I would pursue intentional acts of kindness that are a blessing and a help to others.
These would be actions that express care, concern, and love for others. These acts could be a simple as opening door for the elderly or as intricate as an elaborate scheme to make someone feel appreciated. Once a month, once a week, once a day… I will not put a number on this but rather intentionally look where God is working around me and seek to join Him in being a blessing to others.


Big-7-Faith-Step-webFaith step

Challenge: That I would do something this year that would be considered a faith step; something that I willingly stepped into realizing my ultimate dependance upon God.
This will be something out of the ordinary, maybe even uncharacteristic for me, but yet a proof of my trust in my God and King! This is not a stupid faith step but rather a brave step of faith that balances Godly wisdom with Godly courage.

2016 – The Challenge

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